Gary Rubin Media Coaching
Gary Rubin Media Coaching

Need to move your career forward?

We all need a little help sometimes. Whether it’s moving a project forward or seeking a new position in the industry, Gary Rubin Media Coaching can be helpful.

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Get your projects on track

Are you a filmmaker trying to keep your project on track now or after the strikes are settled? In addition to coaching, Gary is a 30 plus year acquisitions and distribution veteran experienced in helping films get greenlit through the independent film financing process of combining presales, equity and subsidies, and can support you through that process.

What’s next for your career?

Gary has participated extensively in HR matters at several indie film distribution companies, and excels at helping people work through the job seeking process.

How to navigate through the strike

If you are needing direction and/or support due to complications from both industry strikes, Gary is available to work through the issues with you.

“There is no such thing as an unproductive phone call or meeting with Gary Rubin. It is a transformative experience, whereby the beginning of the call will be different by the time the call ends. And next steps are clearly laid out for how to move forward on any project. At the same time he’s not rigid in the thought process. He will take time to allow his clients to formulate what they’re trying to say, and in turn, he will also give time to formulate his own thoughts. There is no rush. There are only results.

Thanks to Gary, he helped me realize that I had a show runner attached to my project the entire time. I just didn’t know it.”

- B. C.

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From finding new jobs in the film and TV industry to keeping your media projects on track, Gary Rubin Media Coaching offers entertainment and career coaching for those looking to move their media career forward.

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